Facilities Design & Construction Services

Facilities Renewal Model

The Facilities Renewal Resource Model (FRRM) is a web based planning tool designed to support institutions in documenting the backlog of deferred maintenance and in estimating the annual funding required for on–going capital renewal. The underlying design of the model was developed by the Pacific Partners Consulting Group. The assumptions were customized for The University of Texas System.

Example of OFPC's FRRM System

The model uses U.T. specific building information (e.g. building name, gross square feet and construction date), and a proprietary methodology based on sub-system life-cycles and replacement costs to estimate deferred maintenance and future capital repair needs.

The FRRM model is designed to be maintained by each component institution with the capability of summarizing information at both the campus and system level. The model has a great deal of built–in flexibility to allow institutions to enter new data, customize reports, and even change the underlying assumptions.

The FRRM model is password protected. Please contact your campus Physical Plant Director or the U.T. System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction for questions related to campus access and passwords.