Facilities Design & Construction Services

Services Available (by phase)

The following services are provided by the Engineering Staff in support of University of Texas System Capital Improvement Projects.

Provided on all Projects
  As Determined by Project Requirements
    As Requested and Approved

Programming Phase
Review and comment on program documents
Perform preliminary code analysis and compliance review
  Participate in program development for engineering basis of design
  Attend program review meetings
    Participate in security analysis

Design Phase

Ensure design plans and specifications meet regulatory and code requirements
Ensure design plans and specifications meet OFPC/Component guidelines & standards
Evaluate life cycle cost and value engineering items
  Attend partnering meetings
  Attend design phase review meetings
    Participate in A/E or Contractor selection committees
      Systems Reviewed by Discipline:
Civil (C)
Preparation and permitting for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP)
  Site utilities
  Site grading and surfacing
  Flood/Drainage criteria
Electrical (E)
  Electric site utilities/Primary Service
  Secondary service (service entrance, branch and feeder systems)
  Electric system grounding and lightning protection
  Emergency service
  Fire Alarm
  Elevator and other vertical transport systems
  Audio Visual
  Systems furniture power requirements
Environmental Inspector (EI)
SWPPP Site Reviews
Landscape (L)
  Landscape architectural
Mechanical (M)
  Fire Protection
Structural (S)
Review, log and maintain geotechnical soils reports

Construction Phase

Perform SWPPP start-up and quarterly inspection (EI)
Provide OFPC SWPPP Training (CEI)
Provide Safety monitoring and support
  Attend partnering meetings
  Review Requests for Information (MESC)
  Participate in specimen tree selection and tagging prior to delivery to project site for quality assurance (L)
  Participate in PM lessons learned
    Provide commissioning support (M)