Program Management

Services Available

General Project Management Services

  • Act as primary liaison with Institution management for project activities, from project development through scoping, budget and schedule definition; execution; and reporting
  • Assist The UT System Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Office determine HUB Subcontracting Opportunities and monitor Subcontracting Plans
  • Conduct "desk audits" of project expenditures
  • Conduct and report componentization
  • Coordinate project easement requirements with The UT System Office of Real Estate
  • Develop a project delivery method strategy
  • Develop, analyze, evaluate, and forecast project schedules
  • Ensure that design and construction documents comply with approved Owner's Project Requirements and Facility Program
  • Facilitate timely decisions by Institution representatives and report progress and issues impacting the project goals to stakeholders
  • Issue expenditure vouchers to institutions authorizing payments, including cash requests for bond funded projects
  • Manage and maintain project documentation
  • Manage and monitor project scope, schedule, and budget
  • Manage relationships between design professionals, contractors, and Institution staff, including creatively resolving conflicts to ensure achieve project goals
  • Manage the preparation, approval, and monitoring of the project Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Manage the project and related flow of communications
  • Monitor design professionals, contractors, and technical service providers ensuring resources are appropriate
  • Procure design, construction, and technical service provider services
  • Provide project commissioning process review, assistance, and support
  • Recommend alternative solutions while maintaining protecting client's needs and requirements
  • Work with Institution executives in their strategic and campus master planning efforts

Project Budgeting and Administrative Services

  • Conduct Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Approve and administer contracts and work orders
  • Approve, monitor, and develop detailed budgets in collaboration with local Institution accounting procedures
  • Assess impact of design or construction changes and schedule slippages
  • Coordinate presentation of agenda items to the Board of Regents and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, including Capital Improvement Program approval process
  • Develop cash flows and monitor project expenditures
  • Function as the fiduciary agent for The UT System and the Institution by monitoring and approving all costs
  • Monitor program budgets and schedules to assure compliance with approved project requirements
  • Perform budget and schedule "what if" scenarios

Project Cost & Schedule Control Services

  • Provide advice to the Institution to enhance performance, reduce costs, expedite schedules, and otherwise improve the project
  • Report project status to Institution, Board of Regents, other UT System offices, and outside agencies
  • Represent the Institution and UT System in all negotiations
  • Review and process UT System approval letters
  • Schedule and conduct all project meetings, ensuring preparation and distribution of meeting minutes, including follow-up on all outstanding action items

Project Compliance and Risk Mitigation Services

  • Confirm Alternative Energy Reports
  • Confirm design plans and specifications meet regulatory and code requirements
  • Confirm SECO energy code analysis
  • Ensure compliance with BOR R&R, state statutes, federal regulations, and laws on OFPC-managed projects
  • Ensure projects are constructed in compliance with project documents, processes, and state and federal regulations
  • Oversee project compliance

Construction Inspection Services

  • Attend all pre-installation meetings between the contractor and Institution
  • Conduct above ceiling, open wall, Substantial and Final Completion inspections
  • Conduct daily observation of construction work for compliance with contract documents
  • Coordinate and monitor all 3rd party testing
  • Coordinate turnover of close-out documents to the Institution
  • Coordinate utility outages, noise control, traffic control and security measures required with the Institution
  • Determine Substantial and Final Completion
  • Ensure accuracy of work-in-place
  • Issue field directives and field orders when needed to expedite work and document direction given to contractor
  • Manage and monitor the construction inspection process
  • Monitor and confirm completion of punch list deficiencies
  • Monitor and document job site safety
  • Monitor project close-out procedures, O&M manuals, as-builts and punch lists
  • Monitor the project commissioning process, including equipment testing, functional performance tests, and building integration of interrelated systems
  • Review contractor submittals and coordinate Owner comments, including resolution of conflicts

Furnishing Services

  • Conduct on-going evaluations of furniture concepts, design and construction
  • Coordinate furniture and User move-in, facility activation, operating and maintenance procedures, and training

Project Close-Out & Warranty Services

  • Facilitate contractor involvement in the warranty period
  • Lead one-year warranty walk-through and report
  • Manage the project close-out process
  • Monitor chronic warranty issues