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    Online application available.

    October 1st

    Application submission deadline.

    October 12th

    Supporting documents submission deadline.


    "The summer internships & preceptorships rally reinforced the desire to go to medical school. They greatly increased my enthusiasm. My experiences were so wonderful that I now recommend that all pre-med students (JAMP & otherwise) to attend at least one summer internship that includes clinical experiences"

    —Sasha Strain
    JAMP Medical School Graduate

    Bulletin Board

    Welcome to the JAMP Bulletin Board. Messages posted on this page are for current JAMP participants. The public and future applicants are welcome to read any and all messages but please do not confuse this information with our application requirements.
    See if you’re eligible to join the JAMP program.

    New MCAT Requirement for JAMP Students beginning EY2013

    Updated 04-02-12
    *Beginning with the 2013 entry year (application submissions beginning
    May 1, 2012 and closing October 1, 2012), the minimum MCAT score that must
    be achieved to qualify for Medical School will be a total score of 25 with no section score less than 7. Participants who fail to meet this requirement may be dismissed from the program.

    In addition, only participants scoring a 17 or higher by the end of March of the second JAMP year will be allowed to attend a summer internship. Participants who fail to score at least a 17 on the MCAT will not be eligible to attend the second summer internship and may be dismissed from the program. JAMP students who score at least a 17, but less than the required 25 for medical school entry will have until August 31 to retake the MCAT and accomplish the required score of 25 or otherwise risk dismissal from the program.