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  • "JAMP exposed me to medical school curriculum and allowed me to network with various future physicians. Also, it exposed me to medical practice in many Texas cities and made me realize the diversity and opportunity available by practicing in Texas."

    —Fernando Bolivar
    JAMP Medical School Graduate

    Student Information Request Form

    With few exceptions, state law gives you the right to request, receive, review and correct information about yourself collected on this form (See below).

    The form below is to be completed by a student requesting information on JAMP.

    All others should email their requests to info@texasjamp.org.

    *Required Data cannot be left blank.

    This information is used for state and federal reporting purposes.


    University applied or accepted to:


    You must take one of these tests to be eligible to apply to JAMP

    Right to Review and Correct Information

    Under state law:

    • You are entitled to request to be informed about the information that the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP) collects about you, with some exceptions;
    • You are entitiled to receive and review the information in accordance with the Public Information Act;
    • You are entitled to have JAMP correct any information about you that is incorrect.

    UT System Privacy Policy