Purchasing Council

Mission Statement


The University of Texas Purchasing Council (UTPC) is comprised of chief procurement officers from all component institutions and designated representatives from The University of Texas System administrative offices. The mission of the UTPC is to share ideas, experiences, and superior practices and techniques in procurement among The University of Texas System and its component institutions. The UTPC also serves as an advisory body to The University of Texas System on procurement matters. UTPC seeks:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of procurement issues at component, System, and State levels;
  • To promote institutional compliance of all component and System policies with the Regentsí Rules and Regulations and State laws and regulations governing procurement matters;
  • To be an advocate for improvements in State procurement laws and regulations and/or System procurement policies and Regentsí Rules as enabled by emerging technologies and enhanced purchasing capabilities, processes, and techniques;
  • To maximize the purchasing power of the System and the components through cooperative purchasing programs and contracts;
  • To support and promote The University of Texas Systemís good faith effort goals for utilization of Historically Underutilized Businesses;
  • To be a leader in procurement practices among Texas and other public institutions of higher education;
  • To facilitate communications with regulatory state agencies on procurement issues affecting The University of Texas System;
  • To responsibly serve the public trust by encouraging the utilization of ethical and effective procurement methodologies and sound business practices, targeted at attaining best value in fulfilling the procurement needs and requirements of the components and the System; and
  • To promote continuing education and professional development of component and System procurement personnel.

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