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Customized On-Campus or Regional Programs

The UT System Leadership Institute offers customizable programs in a range of areas, including:

For specific programs, please review our Topics Menu and contact us to discuss how the Leadership Institute can help design a training program that would best serve your leadership goals.



Leadership Program Alumni

Alumni 2008-2009

Fellows - Leadership Dimension I (2008-2009)
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Taking part in a leadership program--whether the program is a few hours or a few days--is just the first step. Developing the full range of your leadership skills is a lifetime commitment.

The Leadership Institute congratulates the 37 Fellows who participated in the inaugural Leadership Dimensions I program in academic year 2008-2009.

If you've participated in a program through the Leadership Institute, you are a valued member of our alumni. We look to you as "leadership ambassadors" within your institution and encourage you to find ways to share what you've learned with others.

Lasting Quotes:

"The long term return on the investment in this program is probably too large to be measured" -

"Wishing I had taken this sooner"-

"This course should be mandatory and always mix all levels of leaders/supervisors and pay grades" -