Note: Academy Members are encouraged to provide a brief summary (<250 characters) of their areas of interest in education.  These summaries will be added beneath their picture (see example here). A longer narrative may also be added to the <more> section (see example here).  Please submit entries by email to Beth Watson.

The Academy is a formal organization of distinguished scholars recognized for their teaching excellence, and is committed to the enhancement of health science education. The complete Bylaws of the academy can be viewed by clicking on the link.

  1. Recognize and reward outstanding educators for their exceptional contributions;
  2. Support faculty development for education;
  3. Promote the academic advancement of teachers in the health sciences;
  4. Encourage development and implementation of innovative educational projects, including collaboration between disciplines and institutions;
  5. Promote curriculum design and reform;
  6. Foster educational scholarship and research of teaching faculty and provide financial assistance for new and innovative educational projects. Founding members/members: The founding members/members include the original individuals nominated by Presidents of The University of Texas health science campuses who were charged to define the Academy's mission, scope of activities, organization, and criteria for members/membership.

Criteria for Regular members/members:

Eligible members/members in the Academy must be outstanding teachers in The University of Texas health science system. A goal of the Academy is to have diverse members/membership representing the many disciplines in health science education. The requirements for members/membership in the Academy will be strict. In general, members/membership in the Academy will be based on well-defined categories of excellence in teaching. Outstanding performance in any category will qualify a faculty for consideration for members/membership in the Academy. The categories of excellence in teaching include, but are not limited to:

Nominations for members/membership in the Academy may come from the President, Dean or Vice-Dean and the Faculty Senate at each University of Texas health science campus. Details of the process of members/membership nomination and selection are contained in the Bylaws and in the Manual outlining policies and procedures. The Manual is under revision, and the new version will be posted when available.