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Notary Public Appointment Information


A notary public is a public servant with statewide jurisdiction who is authorized to

take acknowledgements, protest instruments permitted by law, administer oaths,

take depositions, and certify copies of documents not recordable in the public



Notary public appointments are administered by the Office of the Texas Secretary

of State and managed by the State Office of Risk Management (SORM). Texas

House Bill 1203 charges SORM with overseeing the purchase of surety bonds for

state officers and employees. Therefore, The University of Texas System does

not purchase surety bonds for System notaries, and appointments must be made

without bond.


Government Code § 406.007 requires state agencies to pay a filing fee of $11.00 to

appoint a notary public. This fee must be incurred by the sponsoring department

and processed on a VP2 document ( procard use prohibited ).


Office of the Secretary of State

State Office of Risk Management

Government Code § 406.007


Notary Public Instructions and Forms


Please follow the instructions below for correct processing of Texas Notary Public without Bonds applications:

  • Print out BOTH forms below. NOTE: PRINT THE APPLICATION ON ONE PAGE, FRONT & BACK.  SORM will not accept the application on two pieces of paper. (So that’s 2 pages total you will send to APS:  The Notary application, front & back, 1 page,  and, the State Employee Notary Acknowledgement Form.)  
  • The applicant should fill out everything EXCEPT the social security number.  Make a copy to send to APS accompanied by appropriate approvals for the payment request. You (the department) keeps the originals & fill your SSN in at that time.
  • ALL Notary Public payments will be a “check pick-up”, which means APS will receive the check from UT Austin & call the designated contact from the requesting department when ready.
  • Department sends check along with ORIGINAL application & Acknowledgement Form. Follow the mailing instructions on application for proper handling.
  • Notary cost is $11.
  • UT System's Agency Code Number is 720.

Please contact Jennifer Ramos-Hosey with any questions.


Application for Appointment as a Texas State Notary Public without Bond

State Employee Notary Acknowledgement Form



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