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The University of Texas System provides parking for permanent employees working at the downtown System complex for a monthly fee. Accounting and Purchasing Services issues parking permits to permanent employees and processes the payments for this employee benefit. U.T. System permanent employees can pay monthly, yearly or have the payment made through payroll deduction. Departments have the option to purchase parking for temporary employees on a monthly basis.


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Parking Advisory Committee

The UT System Parking Advisory Committee (“Committee”) has the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the parking program. The Committee meets as needed and has the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the parking program and making recommendations. This includes reviewing and revising Parking and Traffic Regulations, requests for parking assignments, fees, appeals, etc. The responsibility for enforcement of these regulations falls to the Office of the Director of Police. The responsibility for managing the permit process and parking structures falls to the Manager of Project Delivery with support from Accounting and Purchasing Services. UT System Parking and Traffic Regulations are available at:


Roaming Overflow

Should your designated parking garage be full upon entry, stop by the Guard Kiosk and request an “Overflow” permit for the day.  This will be a temporary paper permit to hang over your existing permit authorizing you to park in any non-reserved space in any UT System garage for the remainder of the day.  If no vacancies exist in alternate garages, proceed to 300 W. 6th Street Garage.  Hopefully this will make it easier to find a spot and will cut back on the need to park in the neighboring overflow garage.  ODOP will be monitoring the use of the permits to avoid abuse.


Adjusted overbooking

Ever wonder why some garages seem full and some not-so-full? For the past several years we have had to overbook the garages, which is a standard industry practice.  In the past we had some garages that were oversold at a higher rate than other garages.  We have now stabilized and spread the overage into all the garages, which will mean the garages with the poorest success rate should be improving.  As of January 1, 2010 we have 483 permits to be accommodated in only 425 parking spaces, a 13.65% overbooking.    As we add staff these numbers will increase, which may cause us to adjust the overbooking again. 


Request for Designated Accessible Parking Space

Per UT System Policy INT116 - Accommodating Disabilities in the Workplace, The University of Texas System will make reasonable workplace accommodation for any applicant or employee with a disability that does not constitute an undue hardship. Job postings will include a statement that a reasonable workplace accommodation may be requested by contacting the Office of Employee Services. OES will coordinate and submit a request for accomodation to Operations and Support Services.



Responsibility of employee:


Notify his or her immediate supervisor as soon as practical and provide information on the nature of the disability when requesting an accommodation.


Provide a medical statement to the Office of Employee Services.


If you have invited guests or visitors that require accessible parking, please contact the Office of the Department of Police for temporary accommodation.


After-Hours Parking

Increased security enhancements at the Complex mandate certain procedures for parking after hours. The operating hours for vehicle gates at the entrances to Parking Garages other than the AHS Garage # 3 will be as follows:

  • Monday through Friday 6:30 am – 6:30 pm. Gates will be open for staff and tenant access.
  • Saturday and Sunday  - Closed, no access by staff.

Pedestrian gates will be opened and closed at the same time as the vehicle gate. Entrance to the garages through the pedestrian gate is restricted to the same hours as the vehicle gates. No afterhours entrance will be allowed, except for ASH Parking Garage # 3. Egress through the gate due to emergencies is available at all times.  


Entry procedure for ASH Parking Garage #3 after normal business hours

After hours parking and weekend parking by staff members will be available in the ASH Parking Garage #3 (Entrance off West 7th street). The procedure is as follows:

  • Check in with the Kiosk guard at the alley entrance to alert the Kiosk Guard to their presence on the complex. Present their Employee ID card and vehicle permit to the guard to confirm their employee status. Then proceed to park their vehicle in PG#3.
  • Park vehicle temporally in front of the vehicle gate on West 7th street.
  • Enter through the pedestrian gate. Pedestrian gate access code can be found at  
  • Push the top button on center pedestal to raise the gate.
  • Return to your vehicle through the pedestrian entrance.
  • Drive through the entrance, park in an empty space.
  • The gate will close automatically after you pass.  

Exit procedure for ASH Parking Garage #3 after normal business hours:

  • Stop at the pedestal in the center island at the entrance/exit gate.
  • Push the top button on the pedestal to raise the gate.
  • Drive through the gate and exist the garage. The gate will automatically close behind you.


Parking for Guests

Due to overcrowding we have limited availability for guest parking. Please make prior arrangements off-site or with ODOP for special guests.


Parking for Temporary Employees

Departments can purchase special temporary employee parking permits, allowing temporary employees to park in designated areas. Please click the links below to view information about parking for Temporary Employees

Parking Renewal Notice

The process for permanent employees to renew their annual parking agreements is automated. Employees that park in a System Complex garage need to complete and submit an application in the system annually. When you log into the Automated Parking System, you will go to a personalized

U. T. System Parking Application. If applicable, add new vehicles and edit existing vehicle information. Then, complete the additional sections of the form for the current fiscal year before hitting the “submit” button. If you have questions on filling out or editing the electronic form please contact Jennifer Hosey, x4219.  If you are not able to access the system please contact Gustavo Nieto, OTIS.


New Employees

  • Obtain and complete a parking form in Accounting and Purchasing Services
  • Make payment or choose payroll deduction
  • Receive a copy of the form as proof of payment
  • Receive a parking assignment and tag

Yearly Renewal

  • Complete new year form by using the Automated Parking System
  • Submit to Accounting and Purchasing Services with payment or authorization for payroll deduction
  • New year stickers will be sent to employee by Accounting and Purchasing Services

More helpful information:

  • Employees can update your vehicle information through the Automated Parking System at any time.
  • All new employees are assigned to the ASH 3 parking garage.
  • Special requests for handicap or temporary handicap parking can be accommodated by emailing Jennifer Hosey. Instructions will be given at that time.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Hosey at 499-4219.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I make arrangements in advance for parking for meeting attendees?

A: Yes, parking at 300 W. 6th Street can be arranged in advance by clicking on the Parking tab in MRM and entering the total number of parking spots needed. This will generate an email notification that will be sent to APS who will then confirm the request. You will then get an email notification, which should then be printed for signature approval on the account used to pay for the parking. When this signed request is received by APS, the appropriate number of stickers will be sent to the person requesting parking.


Q. Today is the 18th, do I need to pay for the whole month?

A. Yes, monthly fees are not prorated.


Q. Can I pay more to park closer?

A. No. Parking fees are calculated on the employees' pay scale rather than parking space.


Q. What is the description of a permanent employee?

A. * A permanent employee is appointed in the payroll system indefinitely and the employee contributes to the retirement system.

Q. I am a permanent part-time employee. Do I have the ability to obtain parking at the System complex?

A. If you are appointed at less than 100% for the fiscal year and contribute to the retirement system the answer is yes you have the ability to obtain parking at the System complex.


Q. This is my first paycheck as a new employee and I have been charged too much.

A. Fees are paid in advance so the first payroll deduction will be at double the rate of pay for the current and following months.


Q: This morning there were no spaces available to park in Parking Garage 5. Where should I park if there are no spaces available in our parking garage?
A: Effective immediately, should your designated parking garage be full upon entry, stop by the Guard Kiosk and request an “Overflow” permit for the day.  This will be a temporary paper permit to hang over your existing permit authorizing you to park in any non-reserved space in any UT System garage for the remainder of the day.  If no vacancies exist in alternate garages, proceed to the 300 W. 6th Street garage. 


Q: Why is there a need for overflow parking?
A: There are more employees with permits than there are parking spaces at the System Complex. The permits issued are not a guarantee of a space, but rather downtown parking for our staff at discounted rates for available space on a “first come, first served” basis.


Q: I currently park in CLB 5 garage and wanted to know about switching garages. Is there a waiting list I can put my name on? What are the procedures on changing garages?
A: When there is an opportunity for reassignment of parking garages at the System Complex it is advertised in the Monday employee newsletter that is sent out via e-mail by OES.  If you are interested when you read of an opportunity, please respond as requested in the newsletter. We do NOT maintain a waiting list. For the CLB 5 garage we periodically send out emails letting you all know that there are spaces available in other garages and will give instructions at that time.


Q: My parking hang tag broke last week. What do I need to do to get a new one?
A: Take your broken/cracked permit to Jennifer Hosey in APS (CLB 3). You will receive a replacement for free. If you lose your tag the cost is $5.




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