Accounting and Purchasing Services


Accounting and Purchasing Services supports the employees of U.T. System by processing the non-automated payroll payments. This is the schedule for the following categories:


Payment Type:

Overtime for Regular Employees

Pay Period:

1st thru 31st day of the month

Paperwork Due:

1st day of the month in Accounting and Purchasing Services by noon

Check Date:

7th day of the month



Payment Type:

Payroll for Hourly Employees

Pay Period:

1st thru 15th day of the month and 16th thru 31st day of the month

Paperwork Due:

1st and 16th day of the month (in Accounting and Purchasing Services by noon)

Check Date:

7th day and 22nd of the month


Time sheets are distributed through the U.T. Austin Central Supply Store. You may obtain additional forms with a request from the staff in our mailroom.


To view your Timesheets click here: UT EID)


To process payroll documents, a PO8 (New Employee Information form available from the Office of Employee Services) must be on file in OES and the employee must have an active appointment.


Completing Timesheets: Each timesheet submitted to Accounting and Purchasing Services must be fully completed and have the following information:

  • UT EID
  • account number
  • authorized signatures

The form should also be correctly totaled and calculated to the quarter hour as specified in the instructions on the reverse side of the form. Supervisors must verify that the department's wages account has funds to cover the payroll you are approving. Click the link below to view an example of a properly completed timesheet.




If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Hosey at 499-4219 or Rebecca Bailey at 499-4570.


To view your Paycheck Profile click here: (requires UT EID)

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