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Printing Services are no longer the exception to the rule, and now follow the same Purchasing Guidelines as all other commodity/service purchases!


In accordance with recent changes in the Texas Building & Procurement Commissions’ definition of “Printing Services” and supporting Texas Attorney General Opinion No. GA-0438, UT System is NO LONGER required to obtain competitive bids for Print/Copy jobs estimated at $5,000.00 or below:


“If the estimated purchase price does not exceed $5,000, you are not required to purchase your print/copy job using a competitive process. Follow your agency’s policies regarding purchases that do not exceed $5000” (The State of Texas Procurement Manual 2.21.; modified 05/04/2006).


Please click here to go directly to Purchasing Guidelines.


Printing Resources

  • If you need assistance identifying print vendors for bidding purposes, please contact Kyle Hayes at 322-3745 or for a list of local Comptroller approved printing and copying vendors.
  • You may also choose to utilize the FedEx Kinko's TXMAS contract. When using this contract, you are NOT required to obtain competitive bids, regardless of dollar amount.

Still have questions? Please call Kyle Hayes at 322-3745 or email him at:




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