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The Procurement Card (Procard) Program was established by UT Austin to provide a cost-effective payment alternative for low dollar purchase orders and check requests.  Procards allow departments to purchase goods and services under $4,500 quickly and conveniently.  However, they are not to be used to bypass appropriate procurement procedures but rather to supplement the purchasing process.


Applying for a Procard

Step 1:  Obtain approval from your department head.
Step 2:  Review Procard rules and regulations on UT Austin’s website.
Step 3:  Take UT’s online exam; fill out and print their procard application.
Step 4:  Have your department head sign off on the application and forward to APS for processing.


UT Austin’s Procurement Card Administrator, Rita Mosley, will notify you when to pick up your procard.  Please call Cindy Dominey at 499-4571 upon receipt of your procard so she can update our records; this also applies to existing cardholders receiving renewed/reissued procards.



Note: Some links below are to documents available only to UT System users on SharePoint




Allowed and Disallowed Purchases


List of allowed and disallowed procard purchases

Delegated Signature Authority


Web-based tool used to search delegated signers by name, department, and account number.



Records retention database

Frequently Used Object Codes


List of frequently used object codes for processing procard vouchers (VP7s)

HUB Directory


Comptroller’s HUB directory

Phase I vs. Phase II


Overview regarding the responsibilities and differences between the two phases



UT Austin site for looking up HUB vendors and vendor holds for purchases over $500

ProCard Checklist


Reminders for processing and approving VP7s

ProCard Manual


UT System guide on ProCard use and payment handling

CitiDirect GCMS


Management tool for ProCard holders and reconcilers



Monthly Procard Transaction Log

Business Expense Form

Tax Exempt Form



Contact Marili Cavazos at 322-3721 for assistance or view Frequently Asked Questions.


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