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The purchasing function at University of Texas System Administration is a collaborative effort between individual System departments, vendors/ service providers and the System Office of Accounting and Purchasing Services (APS).

The how to, when to, what and why aspects of purchasing can become very confusing! Therefore, it is our goal to provide you, the end user, with as many practical and user-friendly tools to help you obtain your procurement goals. The topics addressed on this page will provide you with links to information most often solicited by UT System Administration departments. Should your questions still remain unanswered, or the afore-mentioned aspects are still confusing, please do not hesitate to contact Kyle Hayes at 512.322.3745, Chris Palacios at 512.579.5143 or via email at Purchasing.


**Fiscal Year 2016 Purchasing Deadlines**


Creating a Requisition in PeopleSoft

New Manager and Supervisor Orientation - PowerPoint Presentation

New Manager and Supervisor Orientation - PDF version


Procurement Methods at UT System Administration

A variety of Procurement methods are utilized at UT System Administration. The method is determined by the size and scope of the purchase. The links below provide detailed information and instructions specific to each method:

Products & Services that do not require a Purchase Order

The following Products and Services do not require a Purchase Order unless specifically requested by the provider:

Regulated utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.)

Subscriptions to publications

Cell phone and pager monthly charges

Internet service providers (ISPs) – setup fees and monthly charges

Professional memberships related to one's work

Exam fees

Seminar registration fees

Accreditation fees

Exhibit booth fees



Freight only - not associated with a Purchase Order


Classified advertising

Direct Insurance policy premiums

Professional or Consulting Services Contract Payments*


*Contracts substitute for Purchase Orders most often in cases where services are needed over an extended period of time. Invoices are generally sent directly to the contracting department for approval and then forwarded to Accounting & Purchasing Services for payment processing.


Most often, the only documentation you will need for payment processing of these types of products & services is a properly approved invoice or registration form (whichever is applicable) submitted to APS with an appropriate account number to charge. Certain products and services can also be paid directly with your department’s ProCard. For specific documentation needs, please contact Becky Franklin, Assistant Director, APS, via email or call 499-4579.


Procurement from Persons with Disabilities
The Texas Legislature requires that we support the state's efforts to gainfully employ persons with disabilities. We must give first consideration to goods and services provided by persons with disabilities. Products and services offered by the Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (TIBH) are listed on the TIBH Online Catalogs: Products & Services.  TIBH also has a Central Store in Austin were they sell products and basic office supplies to agency employees.

Resource: State Use Program Action Plan




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