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Our preferred office supply provider is Today’s Business Solutions (TBS), an OfficeMax (OM) partner and certified HUB vendor. Pre-approved department employees can order supplies from TBS/OM at


Ordering Supplies


Shoppers should forward an email from the department head to Jenny Murphy approving the shopper (employee) to be set up to order office supplies for their department specifying the cost center(s) to be utilized.


Please include the following information:




User ID/Employee ID

Cost Center


Confirmation Email - TIBH exception reporting requirement - you will receive an email confirmation of what you ordered. Please forward that email confirmation to Chris Palacios with the acceptable exception for each line item commodity available through TIBH but purchased from TBS/OM. This should be done each time you place an order.


An exception is defined as any product or service approved for the State Use Program purchased from a non-TIBH Industries vendor. This may be because the TIBH Industries vendor's product or service does not meet the application requirements for:


  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Delivery
  • Life Cycle Costs
  • Testing and Inspections

*Source: Texas Administrative Code, Section 189.2, Title 40


Delivery and Receipt

Each shipment includes a packing slip that must be checked against the items received and attach to the monthly ProCard log as support the charge. Please include the following on each packing slip:

  • Receiver’s Signature
  • Date received
  • Check Items received
  • Note any missing/incorrect items

If there is something wrong with the order please call TBS/OM at (888) 373-2730 to resolve the issue.


Invoice and Payment

Payment will be made via departmental ProCard. Provide the confirmation email with the note about TIBH exceptions to Chris Palacios and forward signed receiving report to the staff person in your office that prepares the ProCard log. This information will be needed in order to substantiate the charge. the charges on the Procard log should be broken out by DEFINE account number or PeopleSoft Cost Center. You may consider using CitiDirect GCMS to account for the charges as desired by your department.


Returns and Exchanges

Call customer service at (888) 373-2730 to process a return or exchange. You will need to provide the invoice number listed on the delivery receipt. Customer service will give you an Authorization to Return (ATR) number to note on the box going back to the vendor. TBS/OM will pick up the merchandise within 1-3 business days from the Central Mailroom.


Other Resources

  • Today's Business Solutions FAQs
  • Business Retail Connect Card
  • TIBH Shopping List is available to you when you shop. You can buy these items on the TBS/OM website and have them delivered at the same time. Please consider these products with every purchase. This list contains the ~120 most ordered TIBH products, it is not representative of all products available through TIBH. Please continue to check the TIBH on-line catalog for all of your office supply needs.


Contact Information

Account Manager Lauren Tillotson (832) 531-0164
Customer Service (832) 895-6532


If you have any questions, please contact Marili Cavazos at (512) 322-3721.


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