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Travel must be authorized by the individual department and arranged to achieve maximum savings and efficiency. Employee travel reimbursements are created and submitted by the individual departments electronically through PeopleSoft and sent to Accounting and Purchasing Services for processing. Travel rules come from a variety of sources; links to rules and regulations are listed below. The System Administration Travel Policy and Training is a great place to start your understanding.


What do I need to know?

  • All business travel airline reservations must be made through UT System contract travel agencies or the UT System Southwest Airlines online travel web site.
  • All car rental reservations must be made with one of five UT System contract car vendors.
  • Set up Traveler Profile with Travel Agency before traveling.
  • Travel rules and regulations govern all travel regardless of the funding source. In addition, specific consideration needs to be given to travel to Washington, DC and foreign countries. Review the Travel Services web pages and System Travel Policy for details.
  • Have itemized receipts for expenses.


Reimbursement requests must be timely.


UT System Administration
Travel Expense Report Process (simplified) - Timeline Guidance
Days 1-4
Days 5-7
Days 8-23
Days 24-25

Traveler returns from travel and if applicable, provides supporting documentation to assistant.

Department approver reviews and approves travel expense report. APS Reviews and final approves travel expense report. Payment is executed within two days of APS' approval.
Traveler or assistant completes travel expense report. Approved travel expense report is forwarded to Accounting and Purchasing Services (APS).  

Receipts older than 60 days from the day the expense was incurred or paid COULD either be denied or added to the traveler's W-2 and taxed as income, according to the IRS Rules (Publication 463).


A justification statement must be included to explain why the request is untimely.


Where can I go for more information?

Documents indicated with an asterisk * can only be accessed by UT System employees via SharePoint.


For Expertise and Assistance: Cindy Dominey APS, 512.499.4571,


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