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How UT Compares

The institutions of The University of Texas strive to keep tuition affordable while maintaining a high level of educational excellence. The value of a college education is worth the investment. A bachelor's degree results in $1 million more in lifetime earnings than a high school diploma alone. Take your education another step further by obtaining a professional degree and add $3 million more in your lifetime earnings.


UT's universities remain a tremendous bargain nationwide. UT Austin's tuition places it well below tuition at comparable universities. Other UT campuses rank consistently below most of their peer institutions in terms of tuition.


Tuition and Required Fees at Major Public Institutions - Resident and Non-resident (UT Austin and public research universities from the 10 most populous states) PDF


Net Average Costs (The difference between the sticker price and what students actually pay)


Financial Aid Awards (Financial aid award amounts given by the nine UT campuses)