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Free Tobacco Cessation Program available to all UT SELECT participants - you and your dependents!

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No smokingUT SELECT Medical 100% Preventive Screenings

Free Preventive Care and Services The UT SELECT Medical plan has offered robust preventive care benefits for many years, including 100% coverage for preventive colonoscopies and no cost immunizations for children under 6 years of age.

With the implementation of health care reform, certain additional preventive care and services became available to you with no out of pocket costs as long as you see a network provider and meet certain screening eligibility requirements.
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August 2015

Annual Enrollment: Follow-Up


Image Description HereAnnual Enrollment:

Don't Forget These Key Follow-Up Items!

The Annual Enrollment period (AE) ended on July 31. Review your information and complete key follow-up items.
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Insurance ID Cards for the 2015-2016 Plan Year

New UT SELECT Medical plan ID cards will be issued for the upcoming 2015-2016 plan year.
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Image Description HereImportant Notices

Required Legal Notices Related to Your UT SELECT Health Plan

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Medicare Part D - Notice of Creditable Coverage (NOCC), and Other Notices.
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Image Description HereWELLNESS WISE

Your Health Assessment

You have until August 31, 2015 to complete the health assessment and your preventive exam to earn your $25 gift card.
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Image Description HereLiving Well: Make It a Priority
Health & Wellness Enhancements for 2015-2016

During the upcoming plan year, we will focus on enhancing our existing wellness resources throughout the year.
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Image Description Here RETIREMENT CORNER

Teaching Kids How to Save Money

Setting aside savings can be tough for everyone at times. You can help your kids get a jump on developing good savings habits.
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Super Fast Summer Recipes

Why spend all day in the kitchen when you could save yourself some time and still enjoy a healthy, tasty meal with these recipes?
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