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Employee Assistance Program

The UT Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a benefit of your University of Texas employment, which provides confidential, professional assistance to help you resolve problems that affect your personal life or job performance. It is designed to allow you to seek help when you need it, at no charge. Find your local Institution’s EAP Office.

UT SELECT Medical now provides 100% coverage for Preventive Screenings

Free Preventive Care and Services – The UT SELECT Medical has always offered robust preventive care benefits including 100% preventive colonoscopy and no cost immunizations for children under 6 years of age. Now, with the implementation of health care reform, beginning September 1, 2011, certain additional preventive care and services will be available to you with no copayment or coinsurance as long as you see a network provider and meet certain screening eligibility requirements. Learn more and make your preventive care screening appointment today.


Gym Membership Discount

The Gym Membership Discount program is available to all UT SELECT Members.

  1. Go to
  2. Log into Blue Access for Members
  3. On the right side navigation bar, under "Quick Links", click on "Fitness Program
  4. Once re-directed to the site, search for participating locations near you by entering your zip code and desired search distance below. Take the next step to becoming the fitter, healthier person you want to be by enrolling in the Fitness Program today.
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February 2012

Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

One way to protect children’s teeth is with the application of dental sealants which are covered for children on both the UT SELECT Dental PPO and the Assurant Dental HMO Plan. Under UT SELECT Dental (administered by Delta Dental), sealants are covered at 100% for children through the age of 15. On the Assurant Dental HMO Plan, there is a copayment of $10 per tooth for sealants. Read more about sealants, and access additional dental health information including videos and a special section just for kids.

Retirement Corner

Getting the Help You Need!

The University of Texas System Retirement Program works with six authorized providers to give all UT employees the investment opportunities needed to ensure a successful and enjoyable retirement.  And every one of those providers have representatives who are available to UT employees at no cost. Read more about getting help today!

Wellness Wise

Get a Helping Hand with your Resolutions

If you’re like most people, there are aspects of your health you’d like to improve. From losing weight to stressing less or quitting smoking, there’s a good chance you made a New Year’s resolution related to your well-being. Fortunately, the Living Well Health Manager, powered by WebMD, can make accomplishing your goals easier. Learn more about these resources today!

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Recipes shared by UT System Institution Members! Salad. Image for January 2012 Newsletter

We are excited to launch a new section on our newsletter highlighting recipes shared by our UT System members. Let us know what you think and please share your recipes! Learn how to prepare delicious recipes share by UT System institution members.