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Quit Smoking Today! We Can Help.

Free Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Program available to all UT SELECT members. The University of Texas System is committed to helping smokers quit by offering our UT SELECT medical covered members with Free Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Programs, Pharmaceutical Therapy and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Learn more about these resources available to you and your dependents.

UT SELECT Medical now provides 100% coverage for Preventive Screenings

Free Preventive Care and Services – The UT SELECT Medical has always offered robust preventive care benefits including 100% preventive colonoscopy and no cost immunizations for children under 6 years of age. Now, with the implementation of health care reform, certain additional preventive care and services will be available to you with no copayment or coinsurance as long as you see a network provider and meet certain screening eligibility requirements. Learn more and make your preventive care screening appointment today.

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November 2012

Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

UT Group Insurance Plans and the Competitive Bid Process

Under state law, the UT System Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) is required to request and evaluate competitive proposals at least once every six years for each insurance plan offered as a part of the UT Benefits program. Learn more about this process and which plans are currently out for bid.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: UT FLEX Grace Period and Claim Filing Deadline

The grace period for 2011-2012 UT FLEX Health Care Reimbursement Accounts is underway and the claim filing deadline for all 2011-2012 UT FLEX accounts is coming up next month. Read more about these key upcoming dates for your 2011-2012 UT FLEX accounts.

Retirement Corner

Is Your UTSaver Account an Orphan?

An orphaned account is an account with a provider that previously received elective deferral contributions but is no longer an approved provider under the UT Retirement Programs. Learn more about these types of accounts and what to consider if you have one.

Wellness Special Event

The 37th Annual Great American Smokeout

Every year, on the third Thursday of November, smokers across the nation take part in the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout. They may use the date to make a plan to quit, or plan in advance and then quit smoking that day. Learn more about this upcoming event and resources to help you quit.

Wellness Wise

Food Allergies vs. Sensitivities and Intolerances

Food allergies are an immune system response triggered by certain foods and can potentially be life-threatening. Food sensitivities or intolerances are triggered by a different response and generally have milder symptoms. Learn more about different issues that can arise with foods containing gluten and with many dairy products.

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Whatever the Season, You Can Lighten Your Favorite Foods

Holiday Turkey. Image for November 2012 Newsletter

No matter the family history, culture, heritage, or country, each special season and holiday throughout the year comes with traditional favorite foods – and they're often high in calories and fat. Learn how you can make changes to time-honored recipes to help keep traditions alive and allow you to eat lighter and healthier.