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Quit Smoking Today! We Can Help.

Free Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Program available to all UT SELECT members - The University of Texas System is committed to helping smokers quit by offering free Smoking/Tobacco Cessation Programs, Pharmaceutical Therapy and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to our UT SELECT Medical plan participants. Learn more about these resources available to you and your dependents.

UT SELECT Medical provides 100% coverage for Preventive Screenings

Free Preventive Care and Services – The UT SELECT Medical plan has offered robust preventive care benefits for many years, including 100% coverage for preventive colonoscopies and no cost immunizations for children under 6 years of age. With the implementation of health care reform, certain additional preventive care and services became available to you with no out of pocket costs as long as you see a network provider and meet certain screening eligibility requirements. Learn more and make your preventive care screening appointment today.

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July 2013> Special ANNUAL ENROLLMENT Edition for UT System Retirees

Annual Enrollment

IMPORTANT: Availability of Summary Health Information

As a retired employee, the health benefits available to you represent a significant component of your retiree benefits package. They also provide important protection for you and your family in the case of illness or injury. Click here for important information about how to obtain a free copy of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for your UT SELECT Medical plan.

Annual Enrollment Period: July 15 – July 31, 2013

The July 2013 “A Matter of Health” newsletter is a special Annual Enrollment (AE) edition providing details on the available insurance plan options and enrollment processes for UT employees and their qualified dependents. Use the links below to learn more.

Wellness Wise

Living Well: You Could Be Next

More than 8,300 members have completed their health assessment through our new Living Well Health Platform and we’ve awarded gift cards to more than 3,700 members. Have you gotten yours yet?

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Creamy Potato Salad

Potato Salad. Image for July 2013 Newsletter

Light mayonnaise and nonfat Greek yogurt add creaminess without excess fat to this fingerling potato salad. Try this fun summer side dish or one of three variations.