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Insurance Insights

Your Benefits/Your Money: Stretch Both with Generic Medications

Prescription drugs can be costly, especially for those who suffer from chronic illnesses. One way to save money on out-of-pocket costs for your prescriptions is to use generic medications whenever clinically appropriate, instead of brand-name drugs, which can be more costly. Read more about generics medications and a full summary of UT SELECT Pharmacy Benefits.

Retirement Corner

Bear markets: painful, but not uncommon

Every bear market is different, and the beginning of a new bull market is only known with the benefit of hindsight. However, bear markets have inevitably given way to market rebounds. The 12 months following bear market troughs have always seen well above-average performance, with one-year stock returns averaging nearly 46%. Read more about this topic...

Wellness Wise

10 Ways to Spot and Avoid Holiday Depression

Along with mirth and joy, the holidays bring almost everyone a dose of seasonal stress – and for some the risk of depression. Obligations of travel, errands, and parties make a snowdrift of our schedules. Trying to keep up, millions of people will catch a mild case of the holiday blues. Read more about how to deal with this seasonal condition.

2nd Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge

Will you accept the challenge? Just exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. To help you complete this challenge and make it easy to track your progress, all UT System Institutions have partnered with the Texas Round Up to celebrate our 2nd Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge. The institution with the greatest participation based on headcount will be awarded the coveted “Traveling Trophy”!

2nd Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge
begins on January 1, 2009 and ends on April, 18 2009.

Read more about our physical activity challenge program.

Healthy Recipes of the Month

Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

Eating well during holiday season is a bit like walking up a down escalator while everyone else is going down the right way—and they're gorging on delicious-looking bonbons at the same time. You're already struggling just to stay on track yourself, and now you have to contend with all those happy faces, most definitely bound for even more treats that you can't have. Learn how to prepare these easy and quick meals!

Holidays the Healthy Way

The holidays are in full swing, which means lots of family, fun…and FOOD! But it doesn’t have to mean extra pounds. Even holiday treats can fit into a healthy eating plan. The key is balance and moderation. Read some tips on how to make your family time active, you will become healthier and have fun doing so.

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