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Insurance Insights

My RX Choices - Lower Your Out-of-Pocket Prescription Costs

My RX Choices is a complimentary prescription drug savings program offered by Medco Health Solutions (your prescription drug benefit provider) that allows you to make money-saving choices on your medications. Read more about My RX Choices and other benefits-related topics.

Retirement Corner

Turn unused Annual Leave into Retirement Savings!

Now you can save even more for retirement! Beginning in January 2008, if you have a UTSaver 457(b) DCP account in place before you leave UT employment, you can defer your unused annual leave payment into retirement savings. Read more about this and other retirement updates.

Wellness Wise

How to set healthy goals for this New Year

For many of us, New Year's resolutions are grandly made and easily broken. Why? Because a resolution is only a decision. To make a life change, you need more than a decision; you need a plan. The plan is the guide to put your decision into action so you can reach your goal and it's up to you to take the necessary steps. Learning how to set realistic goals takes practice. Read the entire article on setting healthy goals for this New Year.

Healthy Recipes of the Month

Baby, It's Cold Outside...The Best Soup in Town

Theres nothing like good soup when the outside temperature drops. In this article you will find some tasty, simple and healthy soup recipes. Learn how to prepare and nutritional facts for these quick and easy soups!

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