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Insurance Insights

U.T. Touch Basics

U.T. Touch Online is a convenient, secure enrollment system that allows you to view and change your benefit selections on the Internet. With U.T. Touch Online, you can review your coverage at any time during the year and make benefit selections during Annual Enrollment. Selections made during this July will be effective on September 1, 2008. Read more about U.T. Touch and other important information regarding Annual Enrollment.

Retirement Corner

Investment Advisors vs. Financial Planners: What they are and what you need to know to select one.

When considering how much to contribute to your UTSaver retirement plans and where to invest that money, you may wish to seek the advice of a financial professional. The following points from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission can be helpful in selecting a financial professional to assist you. Read these helpful points.

Wellness Wise

The Sunny Side of Eggs

Eggs have a bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content: 210 milligrams in the yolk of a large egg. But, in fact, they do not raise blood cholesterol in most people—and they may even be good for your heart in some ways. Here’s the latest on eggs. Read more about this topic.

There's still time to take simple steps towards better health. Register today!

You can still register for America On the Move: UT System Ultimate Challenge until July 9th. Here’s what participants are saying: “This is such a motivating and fun program — I love seeing how many steps I can get in a day” (UT Permian Basin). “My average for the first few days was less than 4,000 steps, but now I’m hitting 8,000 almost every day. This is a great campaign!” (UT Brownville). “Our whole department is doing the program — we get a kick out of comparing our progress with each other… wonderful idea! Also we want to win the America On the Move: UT System Ultimate Challenge Traveling Trophy!” (UT System Administration) Read more about this new active living, healthy eating campaign and how to register!

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Cold Summer Pasta with Vegetables

Jefferson imported produce from abroad, including squash from Italy and peppers from Mexico. In Jefferson's time, tomatoes were considered an exotic new fruit--one for which he had a particular fondness. He discovered pasta during his diplomatic tenure in France. Noodles were fashionable there at the time, and he sketched plans for a pasta machine during a foray to Northern Italy. Read more on how to prepare this delicious recipe!

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