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Insurance Insights

Benefits Enrollment Numbers for the New Plan Year

The UT System consists of nine academic universities and six health institutions. As of September 1, 2008, there are approximately 200,000 employees, retired employees, and dependents enrolled in a benefit plan through UT System. View a summary of current enrollment by plan for all UT System employees, retirees and dependents, and review important information regarding Superior Vision ID Cards and upcoming UT FLEX deadlines.

Retirement Corner

Investing and Market Volatility

The recent economic events have left many people asking what they can do to help protect the value of their retirement plan portfolios.

Read useful information provided by some of the UTRetirement Program Providers.

Wellness Wise

Teen Depression

Do you ever wonder whether your irritable or unhappy adolescent might actually be experiencing teen depression? Of course, most teens feel unhappy at times. And when you add hormone havoc to the many other changes happening in a teen's life, it's easy to see why their moods swing like a pendulum. Read about how to seek help.

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Thai-Style Salmon

A fresh, uncooked salad-style vegetable sauce tops the hot baked salmon. The contrast in temperatures and textures is extremely satisfying. There is also a wonderful contrast between the richness of the salmon and the herbal, citrusy flavors of the vegetable mixture. Serving suggestion: For a one-dish meal, toss the vegetables with a bowl of whole-wheat linguine and serve the pasta topped with the salmon. Read more on how to prepare this delicious recipe!

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