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Insurance Insights

Annual Enrollment– Sooner Than You Think!

Even though Annual Enrollment 2009-2010 does not officially begin until July 1, 2009, the Office of Employee Benefits has already begun planning its communication strategies and information campaign. As in past years, OEB will be rolling out one to two benefits topics in each of the upcoming newsletters leading up to Annual Enrollment. Topics to be highlighted include plan design changes, beneficiary designation forms, the online Annual Enrollment presentation, and more. Read more about this topic.

Retirement Corner

Teach Your Kids About Money

As a parent, you can help your children understand the importance of saving. Most parents take the time to teach valuable life lessons to their children, whether it’s how to treat other people, the importance of staying in school or why it’s important to work hard at whatever task they undertake.
Read more about this topic.

Wellness Wise

Managing Job Stress

Job stress comes in different forms and affects your mind and body in different ways. Small things can make you feel stressed, such as a copy machine that never seems to work when you need it or phones that won't quit ringing. Read more about how manage stress at the workforce that can can lead the way to a healthier you.

2nd Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge

Will you accept the challenge? Just exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks. To help you complete this challenge and make it easy to track your progress, all UT System Institutions have partnered with the Texas Round Up to celebrate our 2nd Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge. The institution with the greatest participation based on headcount will be awarded the coveted “Traveling Trophy”!

Get more details about the 2nd Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge which ends on April 18, 2009.

See how your institution is doing as of February 9, 2009.

Healthy Tips of the Month

Cutting Food Costs: Best, Worst Bulk Food Buys

When you step foot into one of those membership warehouse stores, known for their great grocery prices on bulk food items, it feels like you've entered another world. Everything is ginormous, from the ceiling space and shopping carts to the cereal boxes, bags of nuts and rice, and jugs of cooking oil. Read more about these Best and Worst Bulk Food Items!

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