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Insurance Insights

Generic Medications Why It Is Not Just About Lower Prices

As noted in recent issues of the “A Matter of Health” newsletter and discussed at Annual Enrollment events, the increasing costs associated with prescription drug claims have made it necessary to make changes to the prescription deductible and copayment schedule. For the UT SELECT self-funded prescription drug benefit program, the annual deductible will increase to $100 per individual per plan year. Copayments for both retail and home delivery prescriptions will increase for both preferred and non-preferred brand name medications. However, the copayments for generic retail and home delivery prescriptions will remain the same again for plan year 2009/2010. Read more about this and other important topics.

Retirement Corner

Saving In the New Economy-A Light At the End of the Tunnel?

The past few years have brought difficult economic times for people across the country. This has certainly been true for many UT System employees as well. However, recent signs indicate that there may be a light emerging at the end of an unusually dark economic tunnel. Read more about this topic.

Wellness Wise

Helping You Change Your Ways.

The Living Well Health Manager, powered by WebMD, Lifestyle Improvement Programs give you access to a variety of personalized, self-paced health improvement programs. From managing your weight, quitting smoking, or even reducing stress – you’ll find a variety of different programs designed to inspire and reinforce positive behavior change. These tailored online programs combine proven methodology with privacy, security and convenience. Learn how to take charge of your health today and begin living up to your potential.

Eco Friendly Water Bottle provided by WebMD Details.

WebMD estimates shipment and delivery dates based on 1.) the availability of the items at the time of the end of the Living Well Health Manager incentive period, which ended August 14, 2009 and 2.) standard United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping methods.  WebMD estimates that water bottles will begin shipping within 30 – 45 days of when the incentive timeframe ended (August 14, 2009).  Based on that estimated timeframe, you can expect to receive your water bottle from WebMD by approximately October 1, 2009.  Thank you and enjoy the benefits of Living Well Health Manager!

*This message is for those who completed the Health Quotient during the time period of July 1 - August 14th.

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Meal Planning: 6 Dinners on a Budget

Tight on time and money these days? Are you asking too much if you want quick, healthy, and low-cost dinners after the hectic weekday grind?

By planning dinners ahead on the weekend and shopping for key budget ingredients, you can save time, money, and stress in the days ahead. Get tips and learn how to prepare an easy recipe!

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