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Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

Is There Value in Regular Check Ups?

Regular physical exams and health screenings can uncover health issues before you even notice problems. They can also detect problems in their early stages when treatments and therapies are usually easier and most effective. Establishing a regular relationship with your doctor can help him or her notice and assess changes in your health over time. A physician who knows you and has your complete and ongoing medical history can help you make decisions about appropriate lifestyle, screening, and treatment decisions. Learn more about the UT SELECT Preventive Care screening coverage and tips to be a Wise Healthcare Consumer.

insurance insight

UT FLEX Medical: New Rules for Over-the-Counter Expenses Effective January 1, 2011

On January 1, 2011, new regulations go into effect as a result of Healthcare Reform legislation that will impact your over-the-counter (OTC) product purchases. The new rules state that any OTC item that is considered a drug or medicine will require a prescription from a doctor in order to be reimbursable under your flexible spending account plan.Understand what items will require a prescription and which won't.

Have You Designated Your Beneficiary for Life Insurance?

Dearborn National, the administrator for the UT Life insurance plan, has identified over 25,000 UT employees and retirees who have not designated a beneficiary for their Life and AD&D insurance. If you have not designated a beneficiary at the time of your death, your Life benefits will be distributed in accordance with the laws of the state in which you reside at the time of death. Learn how to designate your beneficiary online.

Retirement Corner

2011 Contribution Limits Announced

The Internal Revenue Service announced that the deferral limits for 403(b) and 457(b) plans such as the UTSaver 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity and the UTSaver 457(b) Deferred Compensation plan would remain unchanged for 2011.  Participants under 50 can contribute up to $16,500 for both the UTSaver TSA and UTSaver DCP, and those over 50 can contribute up to an additional $5,500 for a total of $22,000 into each plan. Learn about these limits and other important information regarding your retirement plan.

Wellness Wise

The Wellness Guide to Preventive Care

A recent government study showed that more than half of all Americans do not receive many of the important preventive services they need—that is, immunizations, screening tests for early detection of disease, and education about healthy habits and injury prevention. Why not? Read more about this topic and what Wellness Preventive Health Services you should consider .

2010 UT System Physical Activity Challenge

2010 UT System Physical Activity Challenge: Final Results

Congratulation for participating in the 2010 UT System Physical Activity Challenge. Many thanks to the UT System Wellness Committee who worked together in organizing this event for us. As for the challenge, every institution was a winner. We were able to get non-active employees to become active and also, create awareness of resources and programs available to our members (employees, retirees and dependents). So, thank you all again, without your support this would have not happened. Also, of those who enrolled in the program we had 82.7% completion rate!

Now, we do have to crown a winner for our 2010 institution challenge. This institution did an excellent job promoting the program with the involvement of the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Wellness Coordinator--"Rowdy New U", HR/Benefits and Wellness Champions. Our 2010 Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge is UT San Antonio. Congratulations!

We will be working with UT San Antonio to schedule a date to make the official presentation of the 2010 Annual UT System Physical Activity Challenge Traveling Trophy to UT San Antonio.

Final results by institutions as of November 17, 2010. See how your institution did during the 2010 Challenge. Again, we thank you all for supporting this initiative.

Healthy Recipes of the Month

Healthy Recipes for the Holidays

Eating well during holiday season is a bit like walking up a down escalator while everyone else is going down the right way—and they're gorging on delicious-looking bonbons at the same time. You're already struggling just to stay on track yourself, and now you have to contend with all those happy faces, most definitely bound for even more treats that you can't have. Learn how to prepare these easy and quick meals!

Holidays the Healthy Way

The holidays are in full swing, which means lots of family, fun…and FOOD! But it doesn’t have to mean extra pounds. Even holiday treats can fit into a healthy eating plan. The key is balance and moderation. Read some tips on how to make your family time active, you will become healthier and have fun doing so.

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