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Annual Enrollment for Benefits is in Progress!

Annual Enrollment for benefits for the 2010-2011 plan year began on July 1, 2010, and lasts through midnight July 31, 2010. Benefits enrollment elections are made through the My UT Benefits website at Election changes are effective September 1, 2010, or if Evidence of Insurability is required, the first of the month following the date of approval by the insurance company.

Read more about Annual Enrollment and other benefits plan changes by reviewing the June 2010 “A Matter of Health” Special Annual Enrollment Edition newsletters for both Employees and Retirees.

Also, view plan specific Insurance and Retirement Programs video presentations and podcasts on the OEB website at to help you make your insurance and retirement elections during the July 2010 Annual Enrollment period.

Insurance Insights

The Unique Value of UT Benefits

Recently it seems as though there is more and more unwelcome news coming out every single day. Negative storylines seem to easily drown out positive news. Among other issues, the struggling economy, continuing job losses when unemployment is already high, and the seemingly ever increasing costs of healthcare are all topics that show up regularly in the news these days. When such difficult topics dominate the headlines, it can be a challenge to feel confident about being able to take care of even basic healthcare needs for yourself and your family, let alone being able to deal with an unexpected health crisis. Read more about the unique values of your UT Benefits.

Take Advantage of the New Online Beneficiary Management System

Beginning July 1, 2010, a great new feature available to all UT employees/retirees and their immediate families is the online Beneficiary Management system provided by Dearborn National to elect or change your beneficiary designation(s) for your Group Term Life insurance and your Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance coverages. Learn more about this new feature.

Retirement Corner

Retirement Health

Annual Enrollment for benefits for the 2010-2011 plan year began July 1 and lasts through July 31, 2010. While reviewing insurance coverage for yourself and your family, Annual Enrollment is also a great time to review coverage for your financial health. 

People are living longer, healthier lives and that means people are going to need healthier, more robust retirement income sources.  The University of Texas System provides a number of vehicles that you can use to ensure those income sources are available to you when needed the most. Learn more about your options today!

Wellness Wise

Invest in Your Health

Whether you’ve already completed the HealthQuotient or are taking it for the first time, it’s important to know your current health score.Your health changes over time and can even change significantly within a year, which is why we encourage you to complete your HealthQuotient each year. Learn how to find your current health score today!

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Grocery Shopping Tips to Feed Your Family Right

The secret to improving family meals starts in the grocery store. Yet studies show the average grocery shopper spends 26 minutes running through the store filling their cart with 61 items. That’s not much time to turn packages around and evaluate the nutrition information. 

What’s a responsible parent to do? We turned to nationally known nutritionists for their top 8 tips.

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