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Insurance Insights

Annual Enrollment – Early Preparations are Underway

Even though Annual Enrollment for Plan Year 2010-2011 begins July 1, 2010, the Office of Employee Benefits has already begun planning its communication strategies and information campaign. As in past years, OEB will be rolling out one to two benefits topics in each of the upcoming newsletters leading up to Annual Enrollment. Topics to be highlighted include plan design changes, premium rate information, Annual Enrollment communication resources (online presentations), and more. Read more about what to expect for the 2010 Annual Enrollment.

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Doctor Visit

The last thing you need when you’re sitting awkwardly on that crinkly paper-covered exam table is to have to try to gather your thoughts and remember all the details you wanted to discuss with your doctor. You may have already put off your visit longer than you should; your mind is most likely busy with details about work, family, and life in general; and, you’ll probably only get a few brief moments with the doctor while you’re there. Being prepared ahead of time can help you have a much more productive visit with your doctor and can help keep you healthier. Get Tips for Better Communication with Your Doctor.

Retirement Corner

What can your UTRetirement Program Providers do for you?

Quite a lot. The University of Texas System has partnered with six leading financial companies to provide not only investment savings opportunities to UT System employees, but also a host of services that employees can access for free. Read more about what can you expect from your UTRetirement Providers for free.

Wellness Wise

Preventive Colon Cancer Screening: 100 Percent Covered

Have you added a routine colon exam to your preventive screening checklist? If not, then maybe you should. The UT SELECT Preventive Care Program currently provides 100 percent coverage for preventive colon cancer screening by way of colonoscopy or CT colonography - also know as virtual colonoscopy. This valuable benefit is available to all employees and dependents covered under the UT SELECT medical plan. No copayment or other out of pocket costs are required for preventive screenings with in-network physicians at any in-network facility. Learn more about how to reduce your risk for this disease.

Cancer Doctor: Future of Treatment is Personalized Medicine

Dr. John Mendelsohn, president of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, says that when he was born, only a third of cancer patients lived five years or more. Now, two-thirds live that long.

Mendelsohn stopped by the Rundown (a PBS talk show) to talk about the future of cancer prevention and treatment. He says that the biggest research story right now is personalized cancer treatment. Not all lung cancers, breast cancers or other cancers are alike, and new knowledge about the genetics of these cancers will begin to allow doctors to tailor treatments to individual patients. Watch entire interview.

Healthy Tip of the Month

A New Way to Spot Healthy Foods Fast

In our hurried, time-crunched lifestyles, most of us race around the grocery store gathering about 61 items in less than half an hour. That amounts to fewer than 30 seconds per choice -- not enough time to flip over the package and check the food labels and nutrition information. Learn how to be ready to make the right decision!

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