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Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

Managing Your Healthcare, Monitoring Your Healthcare Expenses

Do you have a question about your UT SELECT Medical benefits? Your UTRetirement Programs account? The UT specific WebMD website and the Living Well Health Manager Wellness Program? Managing your UT System benefits package has never been easier. Learn more about the UT specific insurance websites and summary descriptions of the website features.

Important Reminders

UT FLEX Grace Period for Medical Expense Reimbursement Accounts

The UT FLEX plan provides a Grace Period to allow UT FLEX Medical Expense Reimbursement Account participants an additional 2 ½ months each year (September 1 through November 15) to incur eligible expenses at the end of the plan year. By incurring eligible health related purchases or services during the Grace Period, UT FLEX medical participants can avoid forfeiting any leftover funds from the 2009-2010 plan year that ended on August 31, 2010. UT FLEX members, read more about these important reminders.

Retirement Corner

Getting the Help You Need!

National Save For Retirement Week is over and you’ve made the decision to start saving.  Now what? 

The University of Texas System Retirement Program works with six authorized providers to give all UT employees the investment opportunities needed to ensure a successful and enjoyable retirement.  And every one of those providers have representatives who are available to UT employees at no cost.Learn about other services you can receive from approved provider representatives at no cost.

Wellness Wise

Staying Quit Forever with our Great American Smokeout Challenge

Smoking can have many harmful effects on your health: heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, and more. Despite this knowledge, nicotine’s highly addictive nature makes quitting a tough challenge.

Take the first step on November 18 by voluntarily participating in the 35th Great American Smokeout®. Join the American Cancer Society and thousands of people across Texas and the U.S. who will quit tobacco for 24 hours. Learn about great resources/programs that are available to you and your dependents.

2010 UT System Physical Activity Challenge

Will you accept the challenge? You still have time!

Halfway Point Alert! Congratulations, you are 3 weeks into the 6 week program. Don’t forget to log your activity and to encourage your co-workers to join you in the Challenge! Take a look at the halfway report.

Remember the institution with the greatest participation (based on % of total headcount) and improvement (based on % of improvement) will win the “America On the Move UT System Ultimate Challenge Traveling Trophy”. 

Important! Update your Profile to identify each of you with an institution, please make sure that you have selected your institution in the “sub-group” tab so we can identify the locations and will be able to compete for the “2010 UT System Physical Activity Challenge Traveling Trophy”. Learn more about the challenge!

Healthy Recipes of the Month

Celebrate the Seasons and Holidays with Healthy Meals

Whatever the season, you can lighten your favorite foods. Tradition demands that we honor our family, culture, heritage, and country with celebrations throughout the year. Each season and holiday has its traditional favorite foods -- and they're usually high in calories and fat. After all, what would the Fourth of July be without a backyard barbeque? And Thanksgiving just wouldn't be same without turkey, dressing, and sweet potatoes. Learn some easy to prepare Holiday & Seasonal Recipes.

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