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Detailed Plan Information Available Online

Details about your UT System group insurance benefits and the provisions of the insurance plans can be found in the UT System Benefits Guides. For your convenience, the Benefits Guides are available online 24/7 with updated information for the following plans:

The Plan Guides for Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment will be available soon.

This information is provided electronically by the Office of Employee Benefits in order to reduce printing costs which directly impact the UT group insurance program. For all Plan Guides and related forms, visit the online publications library at our Office of Employee Benefits website at:

If you have any questions regarding a specific plan, please contact the plan administrator directly. Their contact information is available at our website:

Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

Your Health Care Budget

The Value of Prevention
Your UT SELECT Medical plan encourages preventive care and maintenance of good health. Preventive care benefits included with your UT SELECT plan include, but are not limited to, one routine physical examination per plan year and one well-woman exam per plan year. These preventive benefits are available for a copayment of $30, the set amount you pay for certain medical services when utilizing a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas network Family Care Physician. Learn more your preventive benefits and helpful tips.

Insurance Insight

Important Reminders

  • Annual Enrollment Elections – Check Your September Paycheck!
  • UT FLEX Grace Period

Read more about these topics.

Retirement Corner

Take Advantage of National Save for Retirement Week

When it comes to saving for retirement, there is never a better time than today to assess your prospects toward meeting your goals. And with our nation’s leaders declaring Oct. 17 through Oct. 24 as National Save for Retirement Week, you have a great opportunity. Learn to save for retirement.

Wellness Wise

Cancer Prevention = Being Proactive

Did you know that nearly one in eight U.S. women develops breast cancer some time in her life? In many cases, it's not known why a woman gets breast cancer; in fact, 70% of all women with breast cancer have no known risk factors. Learn more and some resources and tools available to you!

2010 UT System Physical Activity Challenge

Register Today! 2010 UT System-Wide Physical Activity Challenge starts this Week!

Will you accept the challenge? When individuals set personalized goals that match their needs, they’re more likely to initiate and maintain change. Because most Americans get little physical activity, setting ambitious initial goals, like walking 10,000 steps a day or following severely restricted diets, can be too daunting. America on the Move (AOM) finds the small steps approach with starting goals of an extra 2000 steps and 100 fewer calories per day are more doable. Incremental goals enable individuals to set their own pace, which in turn builds confidence to do more over time. AOM focuses on the importance of the balance between energy expenditure and calorie intake to successfully prevent weight gain. Learn more about the challenge!

Healthy Recipe of the Month

Nutrition Challenges When You're Older or Sick

Like many things in life as we get older, eating can be a challenge. The sense of taste, like the other senses, diminishes as we age. Appetite and taste can also be affected by medications. In addition, dental problems can make it difficult or painful to chew food. Loss of appetite can make it difficult to get adequate nutrition, especially when you’re sick or not feeling well. What can you do to be sure you’re getting the nutrients you need?

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