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A UT System Success Story

Photo of  Laura Lamb Laura Lamb, The University of Texas at Tyler

Laura wanted to become healthier and be a healthy role model to her family.

See her video testimonial and read her interview >

Gym Membership Discount

The Gym Membership Discount program is available to all UT SELECT Members.

  1. Log into
  2. On the right side navigation bar, under "Quick Links", click on "Fitness Program
  3. Once re-directed to the site, search for participating locations near you by entering your zip code and desired search distance below. Take the next step to becoming the fitter, healthier person you want to be by enrolling in the Fitness Program today.

Thinking About Quitting?

Smoking can have many harmful effects on your health: heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, and more. Despite this knowledge, nicotine’s highly addictive nature makes quitting a tough challenge. Learn about great resources and programs that are available to you and your dependents.

Living Well, Make it a Priority Logo
Save Money When You Get Regular Dental Care

Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

What Makes Regular Dental Visits Such a Smart Investment?

In times when money is tight, it might be tempting to postpone your regular visit to the dentist until another time. You may even consider dropping your dental coverage for a year to save on monthly premiums. But you’d be risking much more than just your dazzling smile if you decided not to invest in taking good care of your teeth and gums. By learning more about the hidden value of dental care and how to keep your out-of-pocket costs as low as possible, you can get the most from your investment in your oral health. Read More.

Legislative Watch

Stay up-to-date on the 82nd Legislative Session

The 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature began on January 11, 2011 and will continue through May 30, 2011. Legislators have until March 11, 2011 (60th day of the session) to file most bills. Throughout the session, they will consider proposed laws and resolutions and appropriate funds for the operation of state government. Read more.

Retirement Corner

Keep your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date

It is important to review and update your beneficiary designations regularly and especially following life changes to ensure your benefits are distributed according to your wishes.  Often we think that beneficiary designations are only important for life insurance, but your retirement plans should not be overlooked. Learn what you can do right-away.

Wellness Wise

The Best Defense Against Diabetes: A Strong Offense

More than 26 million people in the U.S. have diabetes – and many don’t even know it. Some of these cases are Type 1, which cannot be prevented, but it can be properly managed with diet, exercise, and medication. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, can likely be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. Find out if you’re at risk for Type 2 diabetes.

Healthy Recipe of the Month

7 Healthy Diabetic Desserts for Your Diabetes Diet. Great for non-Diabetics too!

soupChocolate mousse pies, parfaits, luscious cakes topped with fruit. If you have diabetes , you'll have to bid farewell to such desserts, right?

Wrong, says diabetes center coordinator at the American Diabetes Association Inc. Learn more about diabetes-friendly desserts!