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Your jeans size could be a clue to heart health

Three key numbers – including one surprisingly easy one – could give you a lifesaving preview of your cardiac risk:

  1. Your blood pressure,
  2. Your cholesterol levels, and…
  3. Your waist size!

The Living Well Health Manager, powered by WedMD, has several resources to help you check your heart health risks and the tools you need to help keep your health on-track. If you haven’t already, register for the Living Well Health Manager by logging on to and register today.

Once you’re registered, search for Cardiovascular Health Topics Center. This resource is a great place to research your heart health numbers. And while they’re all important, your waist size is an easy one to keep track of. In fact, losing one inch of waist size can bring improvements in all the other heart health numbers.
Now is the time to find out more about your heart health numbers and how you can start turning bad numbers around. You’ll find tips, news, information, and resources in the Cardiovascular Health Topics Center.

But don’t stop at just knowing which numbers need improvement – get active and start seeing your efforts
pay off. All institutions in the University of Texas system have a variety of ways to get active and stay
healthy. Visit the Living Well: Make it a Priority site to see what activities are happening at your location at

Resources Available to You and your Dependents: