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Insurance Insights

Medco Transitioning to Express Scripts Name

On September 1, 2012, Medco will begin introducing the Express Scripts name to UT SELECT Medical Plan members. This means that the Medco website, customer service representatives, and written communications will begin to reference the Express Scripts name and you will begin to see the Express Scripts logo.

What Will Change?

The Express Scripts name and brand will appear on most member communications starting September 1.

What Remains the Same?

ID Cards

If you did not make changes to your coverage during Annual Enrollment, you will not receive a new ID card. You should continue to refill your prescriptions as you normally would using your current prescription drug ID card, mail order forms, and customer service phone number on your ID card.

Who Do I Call if I Have Questions?

The customer service team that has been working with the UT SELECT plan for many years remains in place and can assist you with any questions. You will continue to call the same Customer Service number you have called in the past for questions about your UT SELECT Prescription benefits: (800) 818-0155.