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Insurance Insight

New Contracts Awarded for UT SELECT Medical Plan Administrator and UT System Health Risk Assessment and Wellness Platform

The UT System Office of Employee Benefits is required under state law to request and evaluate competitive proposals at least once every six years for each insurance plan offered as part of the UT Benefits program, as well as for the contracts for all administrative services provided in support of self-funded plans by third-party administrators. This process ensures that the costs and features of the insurance plans and related administrative services remain competitive with the current marketplace. And, most importantly, it ensures that UT System plan participants continue to receive the best possible benefits at the lowest possible overall cost.

Following recent Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and an extensive review process, the Administrative Services contract for the Self-Funded UT SELECT Medical PPO Plan was awarded to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX). The Administrative Services contract for a Health Risk Assessment, Wellness Platform and Incentive Fulfillment Program within the Self-funded UT SELECT Health Plan was awarded to Provant Health Solutions. Both programs will serve benefits eligible University of Texas System employees, retirees, and their dependents who are participants in the UT SELECT Health Plan. The Office of Employee Benefits is extremely pleased with the results of the competitive bid process and very glad to be able to offer these outstanding programs to participants.

The selection of BCBSTX to continue administration of the UT SELECT Medical plan allows participants to enjoy uninterrupted access to the BCBSTX provider network. The new contract with BCBSTX is effective September 1, 2013.

The selection of Provant Health Solutions as the administrator for a new Health Risk Assessment, Wellness Platform and Incentive Fulfillment Program will offer employees, retirees and eligible dependents new ways to identify personal health risk factors, provide tools for positive choices to improve long-term health, and rewards for taking positive action. In cooperation with the new vendor, the program includes:

The new contract with Provant Health Solutions will begin soon. Beginning February 15, 2013, program services provided by Provant will be available at no additional out-of-pocket cost to all employees, retirees, and adult dependents (aged 18 and over) who are enrolled in the UT SELECT Medical plan.

Watch for more details regarding each of these plans in upcoming newsletters and publications.