July 2013 > Special ANNUAL ENROLLMENT Edition for UT System Employees > Evidence of Insurability

Evidence of Insurability

Deadline for Submission is August 15

During this year’s Annual Enrollment period, Evidence of Insurability (EOI) will be required to enroll in or increase certain insurance coverage including Voluntary Group Term Life, Short and Long Term Disability, and Long Term Care (LTC) insurance (except for employees, who may enroll in the new LTC plan without EOI as described below).

Important Notes:

Life and Disability EOI

The My UT Benefits online system will direct you to complete EOI electronically if you enroll online. Otherwise, you may complete a paper form and submit it to the insurer. You can view and print the life and disability EOI form online at www.dearbornnational.com/ut/pdf/employees/gtl/ut_eoi.pdf. You can also request a form from your institution’s HR or Benefits Office.

Long Term Care EOI

Current employees will have a special opportunity during this Annual Enrollment to enroll in the new LTC plan without having to submit EOI to prove good health status. The guaranteed issue of coverage applies only to employees. Employees’ spouses, retirees and their spouses, and any other eligible family members will need to complete and pass EOI in order to enroll in the new LTC insurance plan.

If you wish to enroll in the new LTC plan, you can find a direct link in My UT Benefits to the CNA website where there will be instructions on how to enroll online if you are a current employee or to print and mail a form to the insurer if you have other eligible family members who wish to enroll. The LTC forms will also be available online at www.ltcbenefits.com/uts, or you may request a paper form directly from CNA by calling (888) 825-0353.