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Long Term Care

New Plan Effective September 1

Beginning September 1, 2013, CNA will be offering a new Long Term Care (LTC) plan to benefits eligible UT employees, retirees, dependents, and certain other eligible family members. Current LTC enrollees may continue their coverage as noted below, but the current LTC plan will no longer accept new enrollees.

Comparison of New LTC Plan with Current LTC Plan

Program Feature Current LTC Plan New LTC Plan
Lifetime Maximum Benefit 5 Years (1,825 Days) 3 Years (1,095 Days)
Daily Facility Care Benefit $100; $125; $150; or $200 $250 added
Daily Home Care Benefit 50% of Daily Facility Care Benefit No Change
Home Medical Technology Not Covered $1,000 per year
Respite Care Benefit Not Covered 14 days per year

Employees Not Presently Enrolled in Long Term Care

Current employees who are not presently enrolled in the LTC plan will have a special opportunity to enroll in the new LTC plan this Annual Enrollment without having to submit Evidence of Insurability (EOI). Employees’ spouses, retirees and their spouses, and any other eligible family members who are not currently enrolled in the LTC plan will need to complete the EOI process and be approved for coverage by CNA.

Current Long Term Care Enrollees

All individuals presently enrolled in the LTC plan may take no action and remain enrolled in the current plan with the same benefits and premium rates as you have now. Current enrollees will also have the option to switch their LTC coverage and enroll in the new plan beginning September 1, 2013, subject to EOI requirements as described above.

During the July 2013 Annual Enrollment period, if you are enrolled in the Guaranteed Benefit Increase Option (GBO), you will have a special opportunity to buy up to a higher level of coverage without having to submit EOI to prove good health status. In early July, all current LTC enrollees with the GBO will receive a personalized letter from CNA describing your buy up options and the associated premium rates if you elect to continue with the current LTC plan.

If you are currently enrolled in LTC with the Automatic Benefit Increase Option (ABI), your benefit automatically increases by 5% each year. You will also receive a personalized letter from CNA during July describing your enrollment options and the associated premium rates if you elect to change to the new LTC plan.

More Information

For detailed information about the buy up option for current LTC enrollees or the new LTC plan and your available enrollment options during this year's Annual Enrollment period, please contact CNA Customer Service at (888) 825-0353.

Beginning with this Annual Enrollment period, the CNA website will only show information relating to the new LTC plan. For enrollees who elect to remain in the current LTC plan, you will need to contact CNA customer service to obtain information or ask questions specific to the current plan.