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Tobacco Premium Program

Make Your Certification During Annual Enrollment

The use of tobacco is one of the leading preventable health risks worldwide. UT System is truly committed to promoting a culture of wellness and disease prevention, and also recognizes the significant costs associated with treating tobacco related health conditions. The Tobacco Premium Program (TPP) addresses these issues and applies to tobacco users aged 16 and over who are enrolled in the UT SELECT Medical plan.

What is the TPP and who does the TPP apply to?

TPP Out-of-Pocket Costs

Tobacco User Monthly Out-of-Pocket Cost Additional Details
Employee $30 per month The TPP premium for dependent children is $30 per month regardless of how many children use tobacoo.

The maximum TPP premium is $90 per family per month.
Spouse $30 per month
Child(ren) $30 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a tobacco user?

What is included in the definition of “tobacco products” under the TPP?

Where and how do I certify that I use tobacco or that one or more of my dependents use tobacco?

How can the UT SELECT Medical plan help me quit using tobacco?

If I am a tobacco user and currently have a signed physician’s statement on file exempting me from the TPP, do I need to recertify my exemption?

Where can I learn more about the TPP?