June 2013 > Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment

It Will Be Here Before You Know It

As mentioned in the May 2013 “A Matter of Health” newsletter, Annual Enrollment is just around the corner. Watch for July’s special Annual Enrollment editions of the employee and retiree newsletters to be distributed via email by July 3, 2013.

During early July, the UT System Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) website will be updated with this year's Annual Enrollment information, including video presentations from OEB and the UT Benefits insurance vendors.

Keep These Important Dates in Mind

It is especially important for employees and retirees to keep your contact information (particularly email addresses) up to date during the Annual Enrollment season. If you know of any employees or retirees who are not receiving this newsletter electronically, please encourage them to contact the HR or Benefits office at their institution to update their email address.

Stay tuned for more information about Annual Enrollment from the Office of Employee Benefits as well as from all UT institutions’ benefits offices.