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Retirement Corner

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The UTRetirement Program's Educate Me Page - Self-Service Tools to Plan for Your Retirement

Many choices have to be made when you begin saving with a UTRetirement Programs account. You have to choose an approved provider. You have to choose which of the two plans to participate in. You have to decide how much you can save versus how much you need to save. It can seem overwhelming at first glance.

To help you, the UT Retirement Programs provide you with the Educate Me page.

Want to know how much you need to save? 

Check out My Retirement Outlook, a powerful calculator that can not only project your savings, but also projects what your expenses might be and all the assets you could have to relieve those expenses.

Want to know what expenses you could cut back on to maximize your savings?

Take a look at the Check Your Budget tool, found under the heading "What Expenses could you cut back on?"

Interested in other resources?

Do you want to watch video presentations that help you learn more about how to invest, or manage your debt? Do you want to learn how to use UTRetirement Manager, the UTRetirement Programs online enrollment system? Do you want to see what funds are available to invest in from all the approved providers, or set up an appointment with a financial advisor at no cost to yourself?

You can do all of that by visiting the UTRetirement Program's Educate Me page. Why wait? Educate yourself now on how you can best save for the retirement you deserve!