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Be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

Breastfeeding Support, Services, and Supplies Available through UT SELECT Medical

Under the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are now a covered benefit under the UT SELECT Medical plan. Benefits include the purchase or rental of manual, electric or hospital-grade breast pumps as follows:

Limit / Restriction
Manual 100% –  no cost-share In-network, out of network, retail N/A
Electric 100% –  no cost-share In-network provider or contracted durable medical equipment (DME) supplier only

Two per benefit period. Coverage is the cost up to the purchase price ($125-$150).

Hospital Grade 100% –  no cost-share, rental only
(see limit / restriction)
In-network or
contracted DME supplier

Hospital grade pump only available for monthly DME rental. Coverage is up to the purchase price of $1,000 or 12 months whichever comes first. Once coverage ends, the unit must be returned to DME provider.

Breast Pump Supplies A4281-A4286 are covered at 100% without cost-sharing.

Please contact BCBSTX UT SELECT customer service at (866) 882-2034 for assistance finding DME providers that can supply hospital grade breast pumps, or for any questions related to this UT SELECT Medical benefit.

Additional Parenting Resources Available

Blue Cross Blue Shield also has two helpful apps for parents available at no charge through iTunes®.

Duty Calls App Icon. Image for June 2013 Newsletter

Duty Calls – Provides soon-to-be dads with information about weekly developments for baby and mother during pregnancy.

Tot Tracker App Icon. Image for June 2013 Newsletter

Tot Tracker– Helps parents stay on top of their child’s milestones, upcoming vaccinations and growth measurements up to age three.