October 2013 > Confirm Your AE Elections

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It's Time to Confirm Your Annual Enrollment Elections

Check Your Pay Stub, Earnings Statment, or Billing Statement
Employees, you should check your benefits on your October 1 pay stub or earnings statement carefully to ensure that your Annual Enrollment elections are accurate. Retirees, you should verify that your first billing statement for the new plan year shows accurate coverage for you. If the coverages listed on your earnings or billing statement do not reflect the elections that you made during Annual Enrollment, please contact your institution Benefits Office immediately.

Per OEB Administrative Policy 310.6, the only allowable change to Program Coverage during a plan year, other than a qualified change in status, is to correct an administrative error made during the initial period of eligibility or during the Annual Enrollment period that resulted in an unintended election.

Time Limit to Report Administrative Error
Requests for a change in coverage based upon an administrative error can only be approved based upon “clear and convincing evidence,” as determined by UT System, that the mistake is the result of a clerical error. Such requests must be submitted, along with the relevant evidence, to your institution Benefits Office no later than Thursday, October 31, 2013.

Request Beyond 31 Days
Under federal guidelines and UT System policy, if an Employee or Retiree discovers an error in their election and fails to report the error to their institution's HR or Benefits Office within 31 days of receiving their first paycheck or billing statement of the new plan year, the request to correct the error cannot be approved.