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Smart Retirement Moves

Make smart moves today. Thank yourself tomorrow.

National Save for Retirement Week is fast approaching! From October 20–26, 2013, retirement savers like you will be celebrating by joining the UTSaver Retirement program, increasing their contribution rate, and making other good decisions. That’s because when you make smart moves today, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

What difference could a small change make? Let us show you just a few examples.

Make a smart move: Increase your contribution rate.

If you contribute just $150 per month to your retirement account for 30 years at a 3% interest rate, you could have $88,000 when you retire! It’s all thanks to the power of compounding – when your investment generates earnings that are reinvested to generate more earning. And it’s a great way to potentially boost that bottom line.

Make a smart move: Consolidate your accounts.

If you have money lingering in retirement accounts at previous employers, now’s the time to round everything up! When you consolidate your accounts, you’ll get a better handle on your overall savings, be able manage your account more efficiently, and maybe even pay less in account fees!

Make a smart move: Talk to your authorized retirement representative.

They’re friendly, we promise! And do you know what they love most? Helping people like you make good decisions about their retirement savings. From how much you might need for retirement to which funds to choose, our representatives are happy to talk with you about a variety of topics. Set up your one-on-one meeting with your retirement plan representative today!

No matter what phase your retirement planning is in, today is great day to make a smart move—one that you’ll thank yourself for tomorrow. Visit www.utretirement.utsystem.edu to make your smart retirement move!