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Making the Most of It: The UT Fund Performance Report

You’ve finally made the decision to participate in one of the two UTSaver Retirement plans.  You’ve picked an amount your comfortable contributing, and you’ve even picked a company.  Now what? Every provider has representatives who are eager to sit down and work with you regarding investment options most beneficial to you.  But if you want to do your own research, the UT Retirement Program has a powerful tool available to you.

The UTSaver Fund Performance Report provides performance history on a monthly, quarterly, one, five, ten year and fund life basis, and is the only place where you can view every fund offered by every company under the UT Retirement Program all in place.

By visiting our website at and selecting “All Funds” on the left-hand navigation menu, you have an opportunity to see for yourself what funds are performing best for any period of time and what the cost of those funds are, regardless of what company they are through.  Additionally, the Fund Performance Report allows you to search by the following tiers:

The report also has two important functions available:

Visit today to make the most of your available investment tools!

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