Annual Enrollment Has Ended - Don't Forget These Key Follow-Up Items!


At midnight Central on July 31, 2014, the Annual Enrollment (AE) period ended. During AE, you had the opportunity to change your UT Benefits elections and to add or remove dependents from your coverage without experiencing a qualified change of status event. If you made an annual enrollment election, you should have received a confirmation statement the next day via email. Please review your confirmation statement carefully to be sure your elections for the new plan year are correct. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact your institution's Benefits Office immediately to review the circumstances and request a correction.

You should also review your first earnings statement of the new plan year (typically October 1) to confirm that your UT Benefits elections are correct. Retired employees should review their initial billing statements for the new plan year. Again, if there are any discrepancies between the elections on your confirmation statement and the UT Benefits coverage shown on your earnings statement, please contact your institution's Benefits Office immediately.

REMINDER: August 15, 2014 is the Deadline to Complete Evidence of Insurability (if required)

You are required to complete Evidence of Insurability (EOI) if:

  • You elected to add or increase Voluntary Group Term Life (VGTL),
  • You added Short or Long Term Disability (Disability) or
  • You added Long Term Care (LTC) insurance.

You can complete EOI through My UT Benefits for VGTL and Disability. If you elected LTC, you will need to complete EOI directly through CNA.

Please note, EOI is not required for enrollment in the UT SELECT Medical plan.

REMINDER: August 15, 2014 is the Deadline to Complete Evidence of Eligibility (if required)

Supporting documentation is required if you added your spouse or dependent child(ren) to your UT Benefits coverage for the first time during this Annual Enrollment period. You may submit required documentation, such as marriage and birth certificates, electronically through My UT Benefits or provide a copy directly to your institution’s Benefits office.


All EOI applications and all required dependent documentation must be postmarked or completed via My UT Benefits no later than August 15, 2014.


If you did not make any changes during Annual Enrollment, no specific follow-up action is required. It is always recommended that you review your first earnings or billing statement of the new plan year just to confirm that your UT Benefitshave been correctly carried forward. While it is extremely rare, technical errors can sometimes occur during the transition from one plan year to the next. The start of the new plan year is an excellent time to verify the amount of your out-of-pocket premiums for any optional coverage you carry. If anything appears to have changed in error, you should contact your institution's Benefits Office immediately for assistance.