Annual Enrollment Tips

Your Opportunity to Change Your Benefits

Image Description HereEach year during Annual Enrollment, benefits-eligible employees and retirees have an opportunity to make changes to their group insurance coverage. During this time, you can also update coverage for your dependents, including removing any dependents who are no longer eligible for coverage. All of your changes can be made using the My UT Benefits online system at

Follow These Tips to Successfully Navigate
Annual Enrollment

  1. Review Annual Enrollment (AE) Resources
    This newsletter and the AE videos provided by OEB and our insurance vendors (available online by July 15, 2014) will walk you through the important details and changes for the 2014-2015 plan year. Most institutions also hold AE events, including benefits fairs. Representatives from contracted plan administrators are generally available at fairs to answer your questions. Watch for announcements at your institution regarding the time and place for these events.

  2. Watch for the Arrival of “Your UT Benefits Enrollment Options” Email or Letter
    On or before July 15, 2014, you will receive a message from the Office of Employee Benefits via email or postal service. This message, called “Your UT Benefits Enrollment Options,” lists the coverage you are currently enrolled in as well as all the insurance coverage you are eligible to enroll in for the upcoming plan year.

    For example, if you are not currently enrolled in a dental insurance plan but are eligible to do so, you will see that you have the option to enroll in your choice of the UT SELECT Dental plan, the UT SELECT Dental Plus plan, or the DeltaCare USA Dental HMO plan. Follow the link included in the message to access the My UT Benefits online system and make your election(s).

  3. Before Making Your Elections, You Must Declare or Update Your Tobacco User Status
    The Tobacco Premium Program (TPP) is an out-of-pocket premium of $30 per month. It applies to subscribers and dependents aged 16 and over who are enrolled in the UT SELECT Medical plan and use tobacco products. Before making election changes via My UT Benefits, you will be prompted to confirm tobacco user status for yourself and age eligible dependents, even if you have previously made your declaration. Please review the information carefully to ensure accuracy prior to making or updating your declaration.

  4. Pay Close Attention to Instructions When Making Your Elections
    If you make a coverage election that requires documentation of relationship (for adding a dependent) or for you to submit an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) application in order to add Short and/or Long Term Disability or to add or increase Voluntary Group Term Life or Long Term Care, you must follow through by providing this information or your requested changes will not be implemented.

  5. Be Aware that Changes Made during AE Will Take Effect on September 1
    EXCEPTION: If EOI is required and has not been approved by September 1, changes will take effect later.


  • Reviewing your coverage is always recommended; however, if you don't want to make any changes to your current benefits coverage, you do not need to do anything during Annual Enrollment.
  • If you wish to make changes and will be unable to access the internet or submit an enrollment form during the entire Annual Enrollment period due to travel in a remote area or because of other complications, please contact your institution's Human Resources or Benefits office before July 15th to request assistance with making your Annual Enrollment elections.