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Have you been moving well during the UT System physical activity challenge? Do you need a few fresh ideas to help you continue meeting your daily activity goals? Or are you ready to take your physical activity routine to the next level, but not quite sure how?

Meeting your daily step and exercise goals can help your institution’s chances of winning the Traveling Trophy. And, much more importantly, it will help you maintain or improve your overall health.

Whether you’re looking for some advice specifically so you can finish strong in the Living Well, Moving Well Challenge or maybe you just want to improve your general fitness routine, you have easy access to a great resource. The Living Well Health Platform offers personalized advice from personal trainers that’s just a few clicks away.

How Does It Work

Sign in at https://livingwell.provantonline.com and  click “Talk to a Trainer” (under the “Exercise” heading). In this section you can send a message directly to one of Provant’s personal trainers.

Some topics you may want to ask a trainer about could include:

  • Adding activity when you are short on time;
  • Doing physical activity in hot weather;
  • Increasing activity while avoiding injuries; and
  • Adding variety to your routine.

After sending an email, you will hear back from the trainer within two business days. Remember, the more specific your question is, the more personalized the trainer’s answer can be.

The physical and mental benefits of being active are well documented – better moods, better sleep, and a decreased risk of chronic conditions to name just a few! So why not set a goal of creating and sticking with a routine that works for you and your lifestyle?

Keep moving, for your health now and in the future!

If you have any questions about the platform, please contact Provant at (888)703-2296 or email livingwell@provanthealth.com.