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Expanded Wellness and Preventive Health Benefits

Effective September 1, 2008, the University of Texas System UT SELECT Medical Plan will expand the Wellness and Preventive Health Services package to include colonoscopy benefits paid at 100%* (if performed by a network physician at a network facility). The improved colonoscopy benefit covers the cost of the procedure and associated charges such as member copayment, member coinsurance, outpatient facility charges, and physician fees. In addition, the colonoscopy benefit will not be subject to the plan year $250 individual network deductible. With this enhanced colonoscopy benefit, UT SELECT members can have the procedure with no out-of-pocket cost under most circumstances.

*The 100% colonoscopy benefit is based on receiving treatment from a BCBSTX network physician. If treatment is received from a non-network physician, members will be subject to the lower non-network benefit that requires an out-of-pocket cost including a $500 plan year deductible per individual and 40% coinsurance of the allowable amount for the procedure. Any charges over the allowable amount are the member's/patient's responsibility.

The 100% colonoscopy benefit is the latest addition to UT SELECT Preventive Care benefits. The following link includes a table that illustrates the comprehensive list of Preventive Care benefits available by copayment and those benefits available with no out-of-pocket cost. Read more about the new colonoscopy coverage.

Additional information about when you should begin colonoscopy screening and the growing suite of wellness products available via UT System’s “Living Well: Make it a Priority” Worksite Health and Wellness Program and can be found in this newsletter under Wellness Wise.


Evidence of Insurability Deadline
During Annual Enrollment (July 1 – July 31, 2008), if you made an insurance election on UT Touch that requires evidence of insurability (EOI), you will be prompted to complete the insurance company’s EOI form via an online link. All EOI forms must be printed and mailed by August 15, 2008, in order for your coverage election to be considered.

For additional information on EOI, see the April 2008 OEB newsletter, “A Matter of Health: Connecting Work & Life".

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