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Two dental networks mean more choices for you!

Delta Dental continues to expand the two dentist networks to make sure you are able to choose the dentist you want.

UT System employees enrolled in UT SELECT Dental have access to the Delta Dental Premier® network which offers more than 122,000 participating dentists in approximately 176,000 locations nationwide. In total, three out of every four dentists in the nation participate in the Delta Dental Premier® network. In addition, the Delta Dental DPO network includes more than 61,000 dentists in more than 100,000 locations.

Delta Dental Premier® and Delta DPO offer a comprehensive package of benefits coupled with cost-saving managed care features and flexible plan designs. The Delta DPO program allows you the greatest reduction in your out-of-pocket expenses since these providers have contractually agreed upon charges that are generally lower than those charged by the majority of dentists in the same area. Delta Dental Premier® dentists have not agreed to the same cost features of the DPO program, but provide dental care at more network locations and also provide care at agreed upon rates assigned by Delta Dental.

In either network you may realize out-of-pocket savings from a “no balance billing” provision. Dentists in both the Delta Dental DPO and Delta Dental Premier® networks accept Delta Dental’s determination of fees as payment in full, and can’t pass costs along to patients for any differences between submitted charges and the charges allowed under Delta Dental’s contractual agreements. Enrollees seeking services from network dentists only have to pay their share of costs: any applicable deductibles and amounts over the annual maximum and non-covered services.

Additional information on how to maximize your UT SELECT Dental benefits and instructions on how to print a customized ID card are on the UT SELECT Dental webpage at

Network Comparisons

To ensure the integrity of the dentist network numbers, Delta Dental dentists are required to have and maintain current dental licenses. Delta Dental regularly validates and adjusts the network numbers to illustrate the addition of new dentists, reflect the number of dentists who have retired or reduced their workloads to fewer office locations, or otherwise changed their network status.

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